Below are highlights of Scott's NCAA infractions work.

Coach Cases:
Scott has represented more coaches in NCAA infractions cases than any other attorney in the country. He understands the business of college coaching and how to represent coaches who are targets of an NCAA investigation.

Successful Defense of Unethical Conduct and Head Coach Control Allegations:
Scott represented a head coach accused by the NCAA enforcement staff of violating both the unethical conduct and head coach control legislation.  Scott conducted investigation and gathered information to defend his client, and then represented the coach before the NCAA Committee on Infractions.  After deliberation, the Committee on Infractions agreed with Scott’s defense and cleared the coach of the allegations.

Todd McNair Case:
Scott represented Todd McNair in the USC football infractions case. After the NCAA claimed publicly that Coach McNair committed unethical conduct, Scott worked with co-counsel to prepare, file and prosecute McNair’s defamation lawsuit against the NCAA. That lawsuit has resulted in two courts ruling that McNair likely can prove that the NCAA acted maliciously and unfairly in accusing McNair of unethical conduct and defaming his reputation. A trial is pending.

Football Program Investigation:
Scott represented an institution in a two-year major investigation of the football program which resulted in self-reported major recruiting violations and a lack of institutional control, but successfully avoided any scholarship reductions or a post-season ban on competition.

Jim Calhoun consulting with Scott Tompsett

Student-Athlete Amateurism Cases:
Scott has successfully represented student-athletes alleged to have violated the NCAA’s amateurism legislation resulting in reinstatement of eligibility or in no loss of eligibility. Scott’s successful amateurism cases include UConn men’s basketball student-athlete Ryan Boatright, Texas A&M football student-athlete Johnny Manziel and North Carolina State men’s basketball student-athlete Ted Kapita.

Title IX Investigations:
Scott has defended coaches against allegations of abusive behavior and conduct. He recently represented a client in a Title IX investigation in which his client was cleared of all wrongdoing.

Representative Clients

Among many others, Scott has represented:

  • Jim Calhoun, former University of Connecticut men’s basketball coach
  • Rick Pitino, University of Louisville men’s basketball coach
  • Rich Rodriguez, University of Arizona football coach
  • Randy Bennett, Saint Mary’s College men’s basketball coach
  • Ben Howland, Mississippi State University men’s basketball coach
  • Rob Senderoff, Kent State University men’s basketball coach

Scott has been involved in many of the highest-profile NCAA
major infractions cases of the last twenty-five years.