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Scott has over thirty years of experience in all areas of NCAA infractions and compliance work. He has represented institutions, athletic directors, coaches, and student-athletes in over two-hundred major and secondary infractions cases. He appears regularly before the NCAA Committee on Infractions and Infractions Appeals Committee.

Scott specializes in representing coaches. He has guided over one hundred (100) coaches through NCAA infractions cases, misconduct investigations and related litigation, including three Hall of Fame coaches and national champions, conference champions, and other nationally recognized coaches. Scott takes on challenging, high-stakes cases. His experience and track record are unparalleled.

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Scott has been involved in more than 200 NCAA infractions cases.

Scott works to negotiate major allegations and reduce them to less serious violations.

Scott has a successful record of representing NCAA coaches and students-athletes.

Scott Tompsett is the
“go-to counsel for coaches
involved in NCAA investigations.”
The National Law Journal